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The Best Majors to Pursue a Career as a Corporate Lawyer

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Aspiring to become a corporate lawyer requires careful planning, and selecting the right major lays the foundation for success in this competitive legal field.

In this comprehensive post, we explore the best academic majors that provide a solid educational background for future corporate lawyers.

From pre-law programs to business-related disciplines, we delve into the benefits and insights each major offers, empowering aspiring legal professionals to make informed choices about their educational journey.

Whether you’re a prospective law student or considering a career change, this guide will help you chart the optimal academic route toward becoming a proficient and sought-after corporate lawyer.

The Best Majors for Aspiring Corporate Lawyers

Political Science

Political Science is a popular choice for students considering a career in law.

This major delves into the intricacies of legal systems, governmental structures, and public policy.

It equips students with critical thinking skills and a deep understanding of how laws are crafted and enforced.

Corporate lawyers benefit from this major’s emphasis on legal analysis and the role of law in shaping business practices.

Business Administration

Business Administration majors focus on various aspects of business, including finance, marketing, management, and accounting.

This comprehensive understanding of the business world is valuable for corporate lawyers, as it enables them to grasp the complexities of corporate transactions, mergers, and acquisitions.

A Business Administration major equips aspiring lawyers with a commercial mindset and the ability to provide well-rounded legal advice to corporate clients.


Economics is an excellent major for future corporate lawyers due to its emphasis on understanding supply and demand, market forces, and economic policies.

A background in economics enables lawyers to assess the financial implications of legal decisions and provide informed counsel in corporate matters involving investments, regulatory compliance, and market analysis.


An Accounting major provides aspiring corporate lawyers with a strong foundation in financial reporting, auditing, and taxation.

Corporate law often involves complex financial transactions and legal issues, making accounting skills invaluable for understanding corporate financial statements, tax implications, and due diligence in mergers and acquisitions.


A major in Finance provides in-depth knowledge of financial markets, investment strategies, and risk management.

This expertise is highly relevant for corporate lawyers involved in corporate finance, securities law, and capital markets.

A Finance major equips legal professionals with the financial acumen to navigate complex financial structures and advise clients on funding and investment decisions.

English or Writing

Strong communication skills are vital for success as a corporate lawyer, making English or Writing majors excellent choices.

These programs hone students’ written and oral communication abilities, which are essential for drafting contracts, legal documents, and persuasive arguments in negotiations and courtrooms.

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International Relations

As businesses increasingly operate on a global scale, a major in International Relations provides valuable insights into cross-border legal issues and international trade regulations.

Corporate lawyers with an International Relations background excel in matters involving international business transactions, regulatory compliance, and resolving conflicts arising from differing legal systems.


Philosophy majors cultivate critical thinking and analytical skills, which are fundamental for legal reasoning and argumentation.

Aspiring corporate lawyers benefit from this major’s emphasis on ethics and moral philosophy, guiding them to approach complex legal issues with a strong sense of ethical conduct.


Entrepreneurship majors focus on the skills needed to start and manage successful businesses.

This major is beneficial for corporate lawyers advising startups and entrepreneurs, as it provides insight into business development, intellectual property protection, and venture capital transactions.

Pre-Law Programs

Many universities offer Pre-Law programs designed to prepare students for law school.

These interdisciplinary programs combine legal studies with courses in history, political science, and economics, giving students a solid understanding of the legal profession and preparing them for law school admission.

Legal Studies

A major in legal studies offers a direct pathway to corporate law. This interdisciplinary field explores legal principles, constitutional law, contracts, and civil procedure.

Through coursework in legal research and writing, aspiring corporate lawyers gain invaluable skills in analyzing case law and crafting legal arguments.

Legal studies majors often have opportunities to participate in moot court competitions and internships at law firms, providing real-world experience in corporate law settings.

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Selecting the right major is a pivotal step on the journey to becoming a corporate lawyer.

The best majors for aspiring corporate lawyers provide a diverse range of skills and knowledge, from legal analysis to financial acumen and communication prowess.

Whether you choose Political Science, Business Administration, Economics, or other related disciplines, the key is to pursue a major that aligns with your interests and complements your career goals.

By combining the right major with dedication and a passion for corporate law, you’ll set yourself on the path towards becoming a proficient and successful corporate lawyer, ready to navigate the complex legal landscape of the business world.

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